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Art Geography of Vologda and the Vologda Region

May 19-June 16, 2021 / info

Vologda State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve



Address: 160000, Vologda, S. Orlova, 15.
Budgetary Institution of Culture of the Vologda Region “Vologda State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve”

Dates of the program "Art Geography of Vologda and the Vologda Region":
Registration in electronic form: until April 5, 2021 inclusive (read more)
The work of the Expert Council: until April 10, 2021;
Announcement of exhibition participants: April 19, 2021;
Acceptance of works admitted to the exhibition:
a) in Vologda: May 19, 2021 (reception at the address: Vologda, S. Orlov, 15);
b) in Moscow - until April 30, 2021 (reception at: Krymsky Val, 8/2);
Exhibition opening: May 19, 2021;
Dates of exhibition: May 19-June 16, 2021.

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The Vologda State Museum-Reserve is a research and educational institution, a state repository of art, historical, architectural, literary and other monuments of material and spiritual culture, as well as nature. The objects of the museum display are more than 40 architectural monuments with a total area of more than 9,000 square meters. m. About 200 thousand people visit the museum annually; more than 40 expositions and exhibitions on various topics are being built; International and All-Russian scientific conferences, workshops in various areas of museum activity are held.

On the basis of the expositions and exhibitions of the museum-reserve and its branches, more than 80 excursions of various subjects are held; There are 10 excursion routes - walking and bus.

In recent years, the activities of VGMZ went beyond the framework of the regional museum and acquired the character of a regional museum, methodological, cultural and historical center. The VGMZ research team provides practical assistance to museums in creating new and improving existing exhibits.
History of museum
The history of the creation of the museum in Vologda begins in the ХIХ century. The very first museum in the city is house of Peter I, which was opened in 1885.

In 1896, a diocesan ancient storehouse was created in Vologda, which contained antiquities, mainly of religious origin, and documents of the Vologda diocese.

In 1911, an art gallery was created in the city by the Northern Club of Fine Arts. Then, on the initiative of the Vologda Society for the Study of the Northern Territory, the Museum of Homeland Studies was opened.

On March 13, 1923, by the decision of the Vologda Provincial Executive Committee, all the museums of the city were merged into one museum, which became known as the “Vologda State United Museum”.

On the basis of the Vologda Regional Museum of Local Lore, the Vologda State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve was established by Decree of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR on June 29, 88, No. 247.

Currently, the Vologda Museum-Reserve consists of a complex of monuments Vologda Kremlin, as well as 8 branches:

1. House-Museum of Peter I.
2. Exhibition complex "Vologda at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries"
3. Museum "World of Forgotten Things"
4. House-Museum A.F. Mozhaysky
5. Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of the Vologda Region ("Semenkovo")
6. Museum “Literature. Art. Century XX "
7. Vologda political exile
8. Lace museum
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