Art-Geography of the Tver region and the city of Tver

October 2 - 25, 2020info, Tver City Museum and Exhibition Center

Tver City Museum and Exhibition Center is today one of the leading exhibition venues the city, where you can get acquainted with contemporary art of various art directions, actively developing at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries.
In 2017, the city museum and exhibition center celebrated its 10th anniversary! During this time the Center gained experience of fruitful cooperation with creative unions of artists, designers and photo artists of the Tver region, with the Russian Academy of Arts, the Bureau of Creative Expeditions (Moscow), private galleries of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as with foreign authors. Every year, more than 30 exhibitions are exhibited in the halls, which are visited by about 25 thousand residents of Tver and guests of our city. The exhibitions are accompanied by museum and educational programs focused on a wide age range.
An important part of the Center’s activities is cultural and educational work with a youth audience. Education of the younger generation of interest in the visual arts, involvement in the art space of their native city, one of the oldest Russian cities, the development of respect for the history and culture of Tver is one of the main tasks of the Center.
On the basis of the Exhibition Center there are children's art studios and a class of drawing from nature. The advantage of conducting classes with children in the format of “live” exhibitions is obvious: the museum space gives the child a unique chance to meet the original and its author. 
So come to our Center. Our doors are open. And you will definitely have the opportunity to break out of the cycle of everyday life and take a different look at the world!

We invite to cooperation professional artists and owners of art collections to organize and conduct exhibitions at our sites.