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September 1 - 30, 2020info, Ryazan State Regional Art Museum dedicated I.P. Pozhalostin

The collection of the art museum in Ryazan was created at the beginning of the 20th century through the efforts of enthusiasts - art lovers - through active exhibition activities that accustomed the local public to the perception of professional fine art. This is the uniqueness of the Ryazan Museum among the oldest provincial museums in Russia, arising, as a rule, on the basis of already existing collections of works of art donated to the city by the founders.

The first art exhibition in Ryazan took place in 1906 and included works by both professional artists, Ryazan and Moscow, as well as local amateurs.
The painstaking work on gathering the artistic forces of the city united 19 founders of the "Society of the Ryazan Art and Historical Museum named after Professor Ivan Petrovich Halostin." The famous engraver, who taught at the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, I.P. Pozhalostin lived in Ryazan for the last years of his life. He was an authoritative man among fellow countrymen. The works of Pozhalostin served as the basis of the museum collection.

On March 23, 1915, an exhibition was opened "the first collection of works for the Ryazan City Art and Historical Museum named after I.P. Pozhalostin. The catalog of the exhibition included 72 items, among them about fifty paintings and graphic works, the quality of which is so high that many of them still occupy a place in the permanent exhibition of Russian art of the early twentieth century.

His collection now includes over 12 thousand genuine works of domestic and Western European masters of the fifteenth and twentieth centuries of various types and genres of art. The permanent exhibition is complemented by monthly exhibitions from the museum’s funds, from collections of other museums in the country, personal and group exhibitions of contemporary artists from Ryazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. The best works from the museum’s collection are exhibited at exhibitions in many countries of the world.


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