Future curators of the All-Russian project "Art-Geography of Russia"

1) Organization and holding of the exhibition "Art Geography of Russia. Magnificence" in your region.
2) Assistance in the publication of the encyclopedia "Art Geography of Russia: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Russian Magnificence," consisting of 85 volumes - one volume for each region of the Russian Federation.

Tasks for the curator:
1) Find and agree with the site - a museum or an exhibition hall to hold an exhibition of works dedicated to the region;
2) To provide informational assistance to the project - to disseminate information about the project to as many potential participants as possible;
3) Take part in the work of the exhibition headquarters;
4) To provide consulting and organizational assistance to the exhibition;
5) Write a brief welcome "Word of the Curator," which will be published in the volume of the catalogue;
6) Any other possible assistance in the organization and conduct of the exhibition and the collection of works for the catalogue.

"Become a curator"
Become a curator of the project in your region / city.

Creation of an illustrated encyclopedia "Art Geography of Russia," consisting of 85 volumes (one volume for each region of the Russian Federation), which will collect magnificent samples of painting, graphics, photography and decorative and applied art, representing unique ethnic, cultural, architectural, landscape peculiarities of each of the regions of Russia, and brief historical and local history essays, telling a wide audience about famous historical facts.

In detail:
The purpose of the Art Geography of Russia is to familiarize russian and foreign audiences with the amazing diversity of the culture of the Russian Federation through the visualization of ethnic, cultural, architectural and landscape features in art. The project is aimed at actively involving citizens who create author 's content in the active popularization of the history of Russia, because, as is known, "people of brush and pen" have special power and influence on public consciousness.
The problem local history science is to illustrate figures, numbers, historical facts and greatness of achievements of people living in this territory, how to interest a wide audience to study their history, what understandable modern forms and ways to convey historical facts to future generations, how to make this transmission bright, memorable, covering a large audience and prolonged in time.
We chose the optimal way from our point of view to draw the attention of a modern citizen to his history and invited the audience of creative people not only to present their works at the exhibition and to publish in the book, but also to create small essays on each work, including historical and local history information about the event or architectural structure or landscape, which is drawn by the artist.

In order to participate in the project, the handler needs to find such locations, which reflect the unique ethno-cultural or geographical peculiarities of the region, to turn to sources of historical and local history information, and to form an essay, in which a brief analysis will be carried out and historical parallels with modernity will be built.
The final part of the project will be the publication of artistic works and historical and local history essays in the 85-volume edition - illustrated encyclopedia "Art-Geography of Russia," as well as the presentation of each volume at the level of the region - in the exhibition or museum space of one of the 85 subjects of the Russian Federation.
The project will present a multifaceted section of the modern multinational life of Russia, in all its diversity, wealth and splendour of the national colour.
Significance of the project: the project contributes to an increase in interest in Russian history, national cultures, the tourist attractiveness of the regions and the greatness of Russia as a whole.
The encyclopedia "Art Geography of Russia: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Russia's Magnificence" will be sent to the system of Russian libraries and will be available to the widest possible audience of readers.
It is proposed to select one of the regions of the Russian Federation, to collect works of fine, decorative & applied and photographic art with historical and ethnographic essays, to hold an exhibition-presentation of the volume and the project as a whole and to assist in the publication of one of the volumes of the encyclopedia Art Geography of Russia.

Supervision: "Become a curator"
Become a curator of the project in your region / city.

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