Application for participation in the project

Publish your works for free in the encyclopedia "Art-Geography of Russia" and participate in the exhibition.


Offer partnerships and cross-marketing programs.


Become a curator of a project in your region / region / city.

International History and Local Lore Project and Traveling Exhibition


galka 1Each volume of the encyclopedia is dedicated to one region, republic, region or district;
galka 1In each volume of the encyclopedia is the cultural heritage of the region.;
galka 1The unique cultural heritage of the country, the amazing diversity and richness of the spiritual and material values of each individual region;
galka 1Encyclopedia sections: historical events, significant achievements, originality of life, unique beauty of nature and architecture;
galka 1Illustrated Encyclopedia of Russia's Magnificence;
The main goals and objectives of the project: 
Creation of an illustrated encyclopedia of “Art-Geography of Russia”, consisting of 85 volumes (one for each subject of the Russian Federation), in which magnificent samples of paintings, graphics, photographs and arts and crafts representing unique ethnic, cultural studies will be collected , architectural, landscape features of each of the regions of Russia, and short historical and local history essays telling a wide audience about well-known and little-known facts illustrated in the canvas.

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Upcoming exhibitions in Russian cities

Art Geography of Moscow

Art Geography of Moscow

January 24 - February 7, 2020, Moscow City Duma

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Art Geography of Leningrad region

Art Geography of Leningrad region

April 3 - 26, 2020 Sosnovy Bor Art Museum of Modern Art

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Art Geography of Altai Krai and the Barnaul city

Art Geography of Altai Krai and the Barnaul city

August 13 - September 4, 2020 Exhibition Hall of the State Museum of History "City" of the Altai Territory

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Art Geography of the Ryazan region and the city of...

Art Geography of the Ryazan region and the city of...

September 1 - 30, 2020, Ryazan State Regional Art Museum dedicated I.P. Pozhalostin

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Art-Geography of the Tver region and the city of T...

Art-Geography of the Tver region and the city of T...

October 2 - 25, 2020, Tver City Museum and Exhibition Center

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Art Geography of St. Petersburg

Art Geography of St. Petersburg

2June 2-7, 2020, Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists

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Exhibition Schedule of the "Art Geography" in Russian Federation

Welcome Words from the heads of regional administrations


Губернатор Еврейской Автономной области

Левинталь Александр Борисович

Приветственное слово


Губернатор Кировской области

Васильев Игорь Владимирович

Приветственное слово


Губернатор Рязанской области

Любимов Николай Викторович

Приветственное слово

Future curators of the All-Russian project "Art-Geography of Russia"

1) Organization and holding of the exhibition "Art Geography of Russia. Magnificence" in your region.
2) Assistance in the publication of the encyclopedia "Art Geography of Russia: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Russian Magnificence," consisting of 85 volumes - one volume for each region of the Russian Federation.

Tasks for the curator:
1) Find and agree with the site - a museum or an exhibition hall to hold an exhibition of works dedicated to the region;
2) To provide informational assistance to the project - to disseminate information about the project to as many potential participants as possible;
3) Take part in the work of the exhibition headquarters;
4) To provide consulting and organizational assistance to the exhibition;
5) Write a brief welcome "Word of the Curator," which will be published in the volume of the catalogue;
6) Any other possible assistance in the organization and conduct of the exhibition and the collection of works for the catalogue.

"Become a curator"
Become a curator of the project in your region / city.

Creation of an illustrated encyclopedia "Art Geography of Russia," consisting of 85 volumes (one volume for each region of the Russian Federation), which will collect magnificent samples of painting, graphics, photography and decorative and applied art, representing unique ethnic, cultural, architectural, landscape peculiarities of each of the regions of Russia, and brief historical and local history essays, telling a wide audience about famous historical facts.

In detail:
The purpose of the Art Geography of Russia is to familiarize russian and foreign audiences with the amazing diversity of the culture of the Russian Federation through the visualization of ethnic, cultural, architectural and landscape features in art. The project is aimed at actively involving citizens who create author 's content in the active popularization of the history of Russia, because, as is known, "people of brush and pen" have special power and influence on public consciousness.
The problem local history science is to illustrate figures, numbers, historical facts and greatness of achievements of people living in this territory, how to interest a wide audience to study their history, what understandable modern forms and ways to convey historical facts to future generations, how to make this transmission bright, memorable, covering a large audience and prolonged in time.
We chose the optimal way from our point of view to draw the attention of a modern citizen to his history and invited the audience of creative people not only to present their works at the exhibition and to publish in the book, but also to create small essays on each work, including historical and local history information about the event or architectural structure or landscape, which is drawn by the artist.

In order to participate in the project, the handler needs to find such locations, which reflect the unique ethno-cultural or geographical peculiarities of the region, to turn to sources of historical and local history information, and to form an essay, in which a brief analysis will be carried out and historical parallels with modernity will be built.
The final part of the project will be the publication of artistic works and historical and local history essays in the 85-volume edition - illustrated encyclopedia "Art-Geography of Russia," as well as the presentation of each volume at the level of the region - in the exhibition or museum space of one of the 85 subjects of the Russian Federation.
The project will present a multifaceted section of the modern multinational life of Russia, in all its diversity, wealth and splendour of the national colour.
Significance of the project: the project contributes to an increase in interest in Russian history, national cultures, the tourist attractiveness of the regions and the greatness of Russia as a whole.
The encyclopedia "Art Geography of Russia: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Russia's Magnificence" will be sent to the system of Russian libraries and will be available to the widest possible audience of readers.
It is proposed to select one of the regions of the Russian Federation, to collect works of fine, decorative & applied and photographic art with historical and ethnographic essays, to hold an exhibition-presentation of the volume and the project as a whole and to assist in the publication of one of the volumes of the encyclopedia Art Geography of Russia.

Supervision: "Become a curator"
Become a curator of the project in your region / city.

Partnership: Registration of partnership offers
Offer partnership assistance and cross-marketing programs.


Rules for participation in the Art Geography of Russia

The illustrated encyclopedia "Art-Geography of Russia" will be issued in accordance with the number of subjects of the Russian Federation.
Each volume is dedicated to one subject of the Russian Federation. The total number of volumes is 85!
In addition to the publication of a large colorful edition, exhibitions-presentations of authors included in this catalogue will be held.
The encyclopedia will present works illustrating the achievements of human activity, in the following directions:

Thematic sections:
• "ARCHITECTURE": urban landscape and architectural lines;
• “NATURE”: beauty, harmony and individuality;
• “PERSON”: persons who have made a great contribution to the culture of this subject of the Russian Federation;
• “HISTORY”: a genre picture based on historical events.

1) Painting
2) Graphics
3) Photography
4) Sculpture
5) Arts & crafts and textiles

The catalog will publish works and brief local history information about a historical event or place related to the plot presented in the work. 

In each subject of the Russian Federation there is an incredible amount of worthy human creations. Any building, street, panorama, element of life is inseparably linked with history of this area, region, city, are connected with interesting events, labor achievements, military feats. Each of the events is worthy of being displayed on the paintings and in the artistic works of modern authors. And we would like to collect in the catalogue illustrations of these events, phenomena and architectural creations.

Send works in electronic form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the indication of short historical and local history information: name, location, historical facts, any interesting feature that can be published and become public domain. Any of your information will help us compile an interesting and informative local history album-catalog of works of art of your small motherland.



Register your work in electronic form, indicating a brief historical and local history information: name, location, historical facts, any interesting feature that can be published and made public. Any of your information will help us compile an interesting and informative encyclopedia of your small Motherland.

Two ways to register:

1) To participate in the project, send to electronic form "Registration of works" or
2) To participate in the project, send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
a) Photographs of works (in .jpg, each file - from 1 MB to 20 MB);
b) Labels for each work (download the form in Word, PDF);
c) Application form (download the form in Word, PDF).

Free publish your works in the encyclopedia "Art-Geography of Russia" and participate in the exhibition!


At present, the directorates of the "Art Geography of Russia" project are being formed in each subject of the Russian Federation, and we invite interested persons (not only artists!) To join the organizing committee as a partner capable of assisting in the implementation of this project:
  • help with the showroom
  • help with catalog publishing
  • information assistance
  • editorial assistance (regional studies of the region)
  • any other assistance contributing to the implementation of the Art Geography of Russia project
Send your ideas and phone number to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will call you and clarify the details.

Illustrated Encyclopedia "Art-Geography of Russia"

Illustrated Encyclopedia and Local History Project "Art-Geography of Russia"
catalogThe goal of the "Art-Geography of Russia" project is to publish an 85-volume illustrated Russian encyclopedia. Each volume is dedicated to one province, republic, region or district. The encyclopedia includes works of art that visualize the cultural heritage of the region - its historical events, significant achievements, originality of lifestyle and the unique beauty of nature and architecture. Each illustration is accompanied by a local history reference, which will allow readers from other regions and foreign countries to become more familiar with the multifaceted culture and great history of peoples living in the Russian Federation.

For the organizers, important tasks are to revive the interest of the general public in the country's unique cultural heritage, to show the amazing diversity and richness of the spiritual and material values of each individual region, to invite people to explore their native area from a different angle, relive significant events and historical moments.
Art Geography of Russia is a call to modern art to preserve for future generations the rapidly outgoing historical nature, to reveal, along with aesthetic beauty, the cultural and historical value of both famous and little-known, unexpected and non-obvious corners of Russia.

In 2019, a pilot project "Art-Geography of Moscow" was held, which became the winner of the Grants Competition of the Moscow Mayor for socially oriented NGOs, held by the Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow. The project was supported by the Mayor of Moscow and the Russian Academy of Arts. More than 5,000 people took part in the competition for the opportunity to publish their works in the catalog. The result of the great work on collection of local history information and illustrations was the release of a gift catalogue-encyclopedia in hard binding.

Based on the results of the project "Art-Geography of Moscow," the Russian branch of the World Arts Fund, with the support of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Eurasian Art Union, decided to expand the project to the scale of all Russia and create an illustrated encyclopedia of large and small regions of the whole country in 85 volumes, in which all subjects of the Russian Federation will be fully represented.
The project involves works:
• Painting
• Graphics
• Photography
• Sculpture
• Arts and crafts
We are collecting artworks related to every region. The best works form a volume of encyclopedia and exhibition collection, which will first be presented to a wide audience in the walls of the local museum or exhibition hall, and then - as a mobile exhibition - in museum and exhibition sites of other regions of the Russian Federation.
The collection of materials for the illustrated encyclopedia Art Geography of Russia in 85 volumes began in 2019. We plan to complete this huge local history work by 2021 with the release of all 85 volumes.
The full collection of the illustrated encyclopedia "Art-Geography of Russia" of 85 volumes is scheduled for completion in 2021.
The organizers express hope that the project will not only preserve the magnificent works of artists for future generations, masters and photographers, but will serve as a kind of trigger for a wide passion for the historical past, will help to develop a more careful attitude to the issues of modern urban planning and preservation of cultural heritage.
We invite all interested people to participate in this project and/or provide assistance.
Site of Art Geography of Russia project:

Geography and statistics of Art-Geography of Russia

There are 85 subjects in the Russian Federation, of which republics: 22, cities of federal significance: 3, territories: 9, regions: 46, autonomous territories: 4. And 1 autonomous region.
The illustrated encyclopedia "Art-Geography of Russia" will be released in accordance with the number of subjects of the Russian Federation. Each volume is dedicated to one subject of the Russian Federation.

During 2020-2022, the "Art-Geography of Russia" will be held in ALL regions of Russia, in state museums and exhibition halls. And upon completion of the publication of all 85 volumes, a presentation of the encyclopedia will be held in the Administration of the President of Russia.

Schedule of the nearest exhibitions "Art-Geography of Russia" by region:

Art Geography of Moscow

Dates: January 24 - February 7, 2020
Exhibition hall: Moscow City Council (Moscow, Strastnoy Blvd., 15/29 p. 1)


Art Geography of the Leningrad Region

Art Geography of the Leningrad Region

Dates: April 3 - 26, 2020
Exhibition hall: Sosnovy Bor Art Museum of Modern Art (Leningrad Region, Sosnovy Bor, Leningradskaya st., 56a)


Art Geography of the Leningrad Region

Art Geography of Saint Petersburg

Dates: June 2-7, 2020
Exhibition hall: Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists (St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya st., 38)



Арт-География Тверской области и города Твери

Art-Geography of the Tver region and the city of Tver

Dates: October 2 - 25, 2020
Площадка: Tver City Museum and Exhibition Center (Tver, Sovetskaya st., 54)


Перечень выставок "Арт-Геогарфии России", запланированных к проведению в 2020-2022 г.г.:

  1. Арт-География республики Адыгея и г. Майкоп
  2. Арт-География республики Алтай и г. Горно-Алтайск
  3. Арт-География Амурской областм и г. Благовещенска
  4. Арт-География Архангельской области и г. Архангельска
  5. Арт-География Астраханской области и г. Астрахани
  6. Арт-География республики Башкортостан и г. Уфа
  7. Арт-География Белгородской области и г. Белгород
  8. Арт-География Брянской области и г. Брянска
  9. Арт-География республики Бурятия и г. Улан-Удэ
  10. Арт-География Владимирской области и г. Владимира
  11. Арт-География Волгоградской области и г. Волгограда
  12. Арт-География Вологодской области и г. Вологды
  13. Арт-География Воронежской области и г. Воронежа
  14. Арт-География республики Дагестан и г. Махачкала
  15. Арт-География Еврейской автономной области и г. Биробиджан
  16. Арт-География Забайкальского края и г. Читы
  17. Арт-География Ивановской области и г. Иванова
  18. Арт-География республики Ингушетия и г. Магас
  19. Арт-География Иркутской области и г. Иркутск
  20. Арт-География республики Кабардино-Балкария и г. Нальчика
  21. Арт-География Калининградской области и г. Калининграда
  22. Арт-География республики Калмыкия и г. Элисты
  23. Арт-География Калужской области и г. Калуги
  24. Арт-География Камчатского края и г. Петропавловск-Камчатского
  25. Арт-География республики Карачаево-Черкесия иг. Черкесска
  26. Арт-География республики Карелия и г. Петрозаводск
  27. Арт-География Кемеровской области и г. Кемерово
  28. Арт-География Кировской области и г. Киров
  29. Арт-География республики Коми и г. Сыктывкар
  30. Арт-География Костромской области и г. Кострома
  31. Арт-География Краснодарского края и г. Краснодар
  32. Арт-География Красноярского края и- г. Красноярск
  33. Арт-География республики Крым и г. Симферополя
  34. Арт-География Курганской области и г. Курган
  35. Арт-География Курской области и г. Курск
  36. Арт-География Липецкой области и г. Липецк
  37. Арт-География Магаданской области и г. Магадан
  38. Арт-География республики Марий Эл и г. Йошкар-Ола
  39. Арт-География республики Мордовия и г. Саранск
  40. Арт-География Московской области
  41. Арт-География Мурманской области и г. Мурманск
  42. Арт-География Ненецкого автономныго округа и г. Нарьян-Мар
  43. Арт-География Нижегородской области и г. Нижний Новгород
  44. Арт-География Новгородской области и г. Великий Новгород
  45. Арт-География Новосибирской области и г. Новосибирск
  46. Арт-География Омской области и г. Омск
  47. Арт-География Оренбургской области и г. Оренбург
  48. Арт-География Орловской област ии г. Орёл
  49. Арт-География Пензенской области иг. Пенза
  50. Арт-География Пермского края и г. Пермь
  51. Арт-География Приморского края и г. Владивосток
  52. Арт-География Псковской области и г. Псков
  53. Арт-География Ростовской области и г. Ростов-на-Дону
  54. Арт-География Самарской области и г. Самара
  55. Арт-География Санкт-Петербурга города федерального значения
  56. Арт-География Саратовской области и г. Саратов
  57. Арт-География республики Саха (Якутия) и г. Якутск
  58. Арт-География Сахалинской области и г. Южно-Сахалинск
  59. Арт-География Свердловской области и г. Екатеринбург
  60. Арт-География Севастополя города федерального значения
  61. Арт-География республики Северная Осетия - Алания и г. Владикавказ
  62. Арт-География Смоленской области и г. Смоленск
  63. Арт-География Ставропольского края -и г. Ставрополь
  64. Арт-География Тамбовской области и г. Тамбов
  65. Арт-География республики Татарстан и г. Казань
  66. Арт-География Томской области и г. Томск
  67. Арт-География Тульской области и г. Тула
  68. Арт-География республики Тыва и г. Кызыл
  69. Арт-География Тюменской области и г. Тюмень
  70. Арт-География республики Удмуртия и г. Ижевск
  71. Арт-География Ульяновской области и г. Ульяновск
  72. Арт-География Хабаровского края и г. Хабаровск
  73. Арт-География республики Хакасия и г. Абакан
  74. Арт-География Ханты-Мансийского - Югра автономного округа и г. Ханты-Мансийск
  75. Арт-География Челябинской области и г. Челябинск
  76. Арт-География республики Чечня и г. Грозный
  77. Арт-География республики Чувашия и г. Чебоксары
  78. Арт-География Чукотского автономного округа и г. Анадырь
  79. Арт-География Ямало-Ненецкого автономного округа и г. Салехард
  80. Арт-География Ярославской области и г. Ярославля
Приведен список в алфавитном порядке с численностью населения и административным центром:
  1. Адыгея республика - 449 171 чел. - г. Майкоп
  2. Алтай республика - 213 703 чел. - г. Горно-Алтайск
  3. Алтайский край - 2 384 812 чел. - г. Барнаул
  4. Амурская область - 809 873 чел. - г. Благовещенск
  5. Архангельская область - 1 183 323 чел. - г. Архангельск
  6. Астраханская область - 1 021 287 чел. - г. Астрахань
  7. Башкортостан республика - 4 071 987 чел. - г. Уфа
  8. Белгородская область - 1 547 936 чел. - г. Белгород
  9. Брянская область - 1 232 940 чел. - г. Брянск
  10. Бурятия республика - 978 495 чел. - г. Улан-Удэ
  11. Владимирская область - 1 405 613 чел. - г. Владимир
  12. Волгоградская область - 2 557 397 чел. - г. Волгоград
  13. Вологодская область - 1 191 010 чел. - г. Вологда
  14. Воронежская область - 2 331 147 чел. - г. Воронеж
  15. Дагестан республика - 2 990 371 чел. - г. Махачкала
  16. Еврейская автономная область - 168 368 чел. - г. Биробиджан
  17. Забайкальский край - 1 087 452 чел. - г. Чита
  18. Ивановская область - 1 036 909 чел. - г. Иваново
  19. Ингушетия республика - 463 893 чел. - г. Магас
  20. Иркутская область - 2 414 913 чел. - г. Иркутск
  21. Кабардино-Балкария республика - 860 709 чел. - г. Нальчик
  22. Калининградская область - 968 944 чел. - г. Калининград
  23. Калмыкия республика - 280 564 чел. - г. Элиста
  24. Калужская область - 1 010 486 чел. - г. Калуга
  25. Камчатский край - 317 269 чел. - г. Петропавловск-Камчатский
  26. Карачаево-Черкесия республика - 469 060 чел. - г. Черкесск
  27. Карелия республика - 632 533 чел. - г. Петрозаводск
  28. Кемеровская область - 2 724 990 чел. - г. Кемерово
  29. Кировская область - 1 304 348 чел. - г. Киров
  30. Коми республика - 864 424 чел. - г. Сыктывкар
  31. Костромская область - 654 390 чел. - г. Кострома
  32. Краснодарский край - 5 453 329 чел. - г. Краснодар
  33. Красноярский край - 2 858 773 чел. - г. Красноярск
  34. Крым республика - 1 895 915 чел. - г. Симферополь
  35. Курганская область - 869 814 чел. - г. Курган
  36. Курская область - 1 117 378 чел. - г. Курск
  37. Ленинградская область - 1 775 540 чел. - г. Санкт-Петербург
  38. Липецкая область - 1 157 865 чел. - г. Липецк
  39. Магаданская область - 148 071 чел. - г. Магадан
  40. Марий Эл республика - 687 435 чел. - г. Йошкар-Ола
  41. Мордовия республика - 808 888 чел. - г. Саранск
  42. Московская область - 7 231 068 чел. -
  43. Москва федерального значения - 9 205 020 чел. -
  44. Мурманская область - 766 281 чел. - г. Мурманск
  45. Ненецкий автономный округ - 43 373 чел. - г. Нарьян-Мар
  46. Нижегородская область - 3 270 203 чел. - г. Нижний Новгород
  47. Новгородская область - 618 703 чел. - г. Великий Новгород
  48. Новосибирская область - 2 746 822 чел. - г. Новосибирск
  49. Омская область - 1 978 183 чел. - г. Омск
  50. Оренбургская область - 2 001 110 чел. - г. Оренбург
  51. Орловская область - 765 231 чел. - г. Орёл
  52. Пензенская область - 1 355 618 чел. - г. Пенза
  53. Пермский край - 2 637 032 чел. - г. Пермь
  54. Приморский край - 1 933 308 чел. - г. Владивосток
  55. Псковская область - 651 108 чел. - г. Псков
  56. Ростовская область - 4 242 080 чел. - г. Ростов-на-Дону
  57. Рязанская область - 1 135 438 чел. - г. Рязань
  58. Самарская область - 3 212 676 чел. - г. Самара
  59. Санкт-Петербург город федерального значения - 5 191 690 чел. - г. Санкт-Петербург
  60. Саратовская область - 2 493 024 чел. - г. Саратов
  61. Саха (Якутия) республика - 956 896 чел. - г. Якутск
  62. Сахалинская область - 488 391 чел. - г. Южно-Сахалинск
  63. Свердловская область - 4 327 472 чел. - г. Екатеринбург
  64. Севастополь город федерального значения - 398 973 чел. - г. Севастополь
  65. Северная Осетия - Алания республика - 705 270 чел. - г. Владикавказ
  66. Смоленская область - 964 791 чел. - г. Смоленск
  67. Ставропольский край - 2 799 473 чел. - г. Ставрополь
  68. Тамбовская область - 1 062 421 чел. - г. Тамбов
  69. Татарстан республика - 3 855 037 чел. - г. Казань
  70. Тверская область - 1 315 071 чел. - г. Тверь
  71. Томская область - 1 074 453 чел. - г. Томск
  72. Тульская область - 1 513 570 чел. - г. Тула
  73. Тыва республика - 313 777 чел. - г. Кызыл
  74. Тюменская область - 3 581 293 чел. - г. Тюмень
  75. Удмуртия республика - 1 517 472 чел. - г. Ижевск
  76. Ульяновская область - 1 262 549 чел. - г. Ульяновск
  77. Хабаровский край - 1 338 305 чел. - г. Хабаровск
  78. Хакасия республика - 535 796 чел. - г. Абакан
  79. Ханты-Мансийский - Югра автономный округ - 1 612 076 чел. - г. Ханты-Мансийск
  80. Челябинская область - 3 497 274 чел. - г. Челябинск
  81. Чечня республика - 1 370 268 чел. - г. Грозный
  82. Чувашия республика - 1 238 071 чел. - г. Чебоксары
  83. Чукотский автономный округ - 50 540 чел. - г. Анадырь
  84. Ямало-Ненецкий автономный округ - 539 985 чел. - г. Салехард
  85. Ярославская область - 1 271 629 чел. - г. Ярославль 

russia map


22 republics
9 territories
46 regions
3 cities of federal significance
1 autonomus regions 
4 autonomous territories